Xavier Canals
J.M.Calleja exposes nine new visual poems, presented last season at the Galeria H2O (water?) In Gràcia (BCN), and of course, he navigates, submerges and dissolves. Maybe someone likes to see how he navigates, as he plays with the spatial schemes of a gallery. For example, the river so close to a map extends it fluently (of course) on the tape of a film (1) or as it fuses geometrically (establishing relations of relativistic physics?) Another map and postmodernally and ironically, with Golden paint that (of course) breaks its stroke with the light, writes the initials of the 4 cardinal points that are supposed to be oriented (2).

Others may prefer to see how it immerses. As naked fragments, significant fragments of characters with a clear socio-social dimorphism establish metonymic and metaphorical relationships with other fragments of maps. A piece of an oval map surrounded by an anthill began, however, to suggest that the discourse is not as fluid as it seems or perhaps it is too much? (3) And here it is possible to initiate the most radical preferences, to the limit, which I would prefer a mystic, a philosopher, or a true poet, or those who must say that they prefer those who, by fashion, have to say that they live on the limit.

It is hard to accept, but really JMCalleja, abandoning the limits of the object where it has always felt so comfortable, dissolves (it dissolves us if we accept its challenge) and chooses the most difficult route, that of essentiality Here there is nothing to reassure us: Yes, the map fragment is from Verona, but this too (gold leaf) report only suggests 2 lovers, it could be anything that would reflect the light surrounded by the sand “waves” of a Japanese garden in black and white (essentiality obliges it) (4). What or who is this fragment of a map surrounded by paint about to hang it?

The last work by J.M.Calleja is titled 7poemesperanoapaivagarla7 and it can be used to definitively solve a question that has always worried many: Can I appease the 7 (mystical, philosophical, poetic …)? NI WITH ALL THE H2O OF THE UNIVERS, and yet we all know that H2O is absolutely essential for our life on Earth. This H2O and this J.M.Calleja are also for the food of our poetic identity. Thank you very much.

1 Riu (1998)
2 Ovum (1998)
Illes (1996)
4 Amants (1996)

Text of the Landscapes catalog. House of Culture “Les Bernardes”. Salt 1999